Krix Atmospherix In-Ceiling Speaker

Atmospherix 5

The Krix range of In-Ceiling loudspeakers have been designed to provide the same high level of performance that is experienced with their smaller, conventional loudspeakers. Whether the application is for background music, multi-room sound or home theatre, the main focus was to optimise overall sound reproduction. To do this, Krix employed a rear enclosure to more accurately control and predict overall frequency response, especially the lower bass notes. This region is one of the most important attributes of a high quality 'in-wall' or 'in-ceiling' loudspeaker, and there are numerous advantages to the Krix 'enclosed' system over 'open backed' designs as outlined below.

  1. Bass performance is far more predicable, controlled and richer due to the specific volume the drivers operate in, as is the case with conventional loudspeaker designs. Open backed designs offer no precise control, and different mounting locations and varying low frequency loading, means bass performance will suffer. Whilst some other products will offer rear enclosures as additional options, with Krix speakers they are standard.
  2. A very important advantage with an enclosed back design is that it will all but eliminate rattles and buzzes otherwise exhibited by open backed designs. The result is more refined sound reproduction, free from mechanical vibrations, allowing the speaker system to run at higher sound pressure levels than previously possible.
  3. Loudspeaker drivers and electronic crossover networks normally situated and exposed in the ceiling are now protected by the enclosure. They are not subject to dust, insulation particles, insects or rodents having a negative effect on the performance and life of the speaker.
  4. A simple mounting system has been used which clamps the speaker onto the drywall for easy installation and to eliminate vibration.
  5. The Atmospherix 5 can be painted to blend in with any décor.


Frequency Range: 55Hz - 20kHz in room response
Power Handling: Maximum 80 watts RMS amplifier power
Sensitivity: 90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Configuration: 5 inch 2-way
Bass Drivers: • Nominal 5" (130mm) doped paper cone
• 1" (25mm) high temperature voice coil wound on an aluminium former. Double magnet shielded.
Tweeter: • 1" (25mm) fabric dome
• Adjustable 'eyeball'
Crossover Point: 2.6 kHz
Impedance: Nominally 6 ohms
Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented
Dimensions: 11" (280mm) diameter x 7½" (190mm) deep
Mounting Cut-Out Diameter: 9¾" (247mm)
Finish: White (can be painted to match your décor)
Input Terminals: Push type connectors
Weight: 2.5kg