Krix Epicentrix Center Channel Speaker Home theatre on a grand scale: this centre channel speaker is designed to truly match the pace of our high energy Neuphonix floorstanding speakers. Like the Neuphonix, multiple 130mm bass drivers deliver punchy, ground-shaking bass energy. A 130mm midrange driver and 26mm tweeter complete the picture, reproducing vocals and sound effects with meticulous precision and depth that will defy the dimensions of your room. Put yourself at the epicentre of the action.


Frequency Range: 40Hz - 40kHz in room response
Power Handling: Maximum 200 watts RMS amplifier power
Sensitivity: 90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Configuration: 6 driver 3-way bi-wireable / bi-ampable
Bass Drivers: • 4 x nominal 5" (130mm) coated paper cones
• 1" (26mm) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former provides good linearity & driver control at large cone excursion.
Midrange Driver: • 1 x nominal 5" (130mm) coated paper cone
• 1" (26mm) voice coil wound on high powered aluminum former, using copper shorting ring & oversized magnet for lower distortion.
Tweeter: • 1" (26mm) dual concentric diaphragm w/ wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity.
• Non-reflective dual chambered magnet structure w/ copper shorting ring to lower distortion.
Crossover Points: 340Hz & 2.5kHz
Impedance: Nominally 4 ohms
Enclosure Type: Triple chambers sealed midrange chamber, w/ dual bass reflex chambers, front vented.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 225mm x 900mm x 360mm
Material: 17mm MDF enclosure, heavily braced, w/ 25mm MDF front baffle
Finish: Lacquered timber veneer
Volume: 45 litres internal
Weight: 24kg each