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Krix’s range of compact speakers deliver unprecedented sound quality for size. Designed for stereo or home theatre use, these bookshelf models convey high fidelity sound that is unmatched in this category. Solid construction features, internal bracing, standard and custom finishes using real wood veneers or paint lacquers.

Brix 3


KDX Main
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Centre Channel

Make every chair the best seat in your house with a Krix centre speaker. Krix’s centre speakers reproduce vocals and other complex information accurately, optimizing imaging and sound stage. The centre channel in your home theatre system can deliver around 70% of the action and should be of a similar sonic quality to your main speakers. For home theatre applications and music listening pleasure, a Krix centre speaker will enhance your sound experience. As with all of the Krix centre speakers, they are magnetically shielded to allow placement close to your television.


KDX Center


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Floor Standing

The pursuit of optimum sound is a passion at Krix. Designed using the highest quality components and detailed construction, Krix’s floor standing speakers offer you an award winning high fidelity experience. This extensive range will suit supreme stereo listening or your ultimate home theatre set-up. For serious room-filling sound with smooth deep bass Krix’s floor standing speakers are an experience you will want to enjoy everyday.

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NEW! Phoenix


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The basic criteria for a subwoofer is to reproduce very low frequency energy. Krix’s range of subwoofers do just that. The range features paper cone drivers for high level low frequency reinforcement, clipping protection and automatic switch on circuitry when a signal is detected. Compliment your stereo or home theatre system with a subwoofer to experience a cinema performance in your own home.

Seismix 1

Seismix 3

Seismix 5
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Concealed Audio

Your friends and family will wonder where the exceptional sound is coming from and you won’t need to dust them. Whether the application is for multi-room sound, home theatre or background music, Krix’s concealed speakers are crowd pleasers. With the same high level performance of bigger sized speakers, Krix’s concealed speakers are specifically designed as enclosed units to optimize overall sound reproduction.


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NEW! Aquatix
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100v Transformer
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Available Finishes

The Krix range is available in a variety of quality finishes. Choose from standard finishes such as black, beech or atlantic jarrah timber veneer. Alternatively, choose your own custom finish that can be made to order from an extensive range of timber veneers and paint lacquers.

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Atlantic Jarrah

Beech Veneer

Black Veneer
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