Krix KX5812 Cinema Stage 2 Way Screen Speaker


Cinema full range stage loudspeaker featuring dual 15" bass drivers in a low frequency enclosure (KX-2610) and 4" voice coil compression driver, long throw flare with 2" throat and mounting bracket (KX-3012).

The KX-2610 is a state of the art loudspeaker system and was developed by 'reverse engineering the THX' cinema loudspeaker specification. The low frequency driver parameters and the enclosure were determined from the desired requirements of a stage loudspeaker as outlined by THX. This ensured the closest embodiment of the specifications that technology allows, using components to achieve maximum efficiency. Symmetrical gap geometry, combined with the large linear voice coil travel, ensures minimum distortion at all levels. The driver also features a purpose cast ribbed cone, of specially selected paper and treatments which produce extreme bass levels.

The 4" diameter voice coil, professional compression driver features a ferrite magnet system and an integral pure titanium dome and suspension. This is attached to a precision lightweight voice coil made from edge wound aluminum ribbon, wound on a high temperature Kapton former. The high frequency has been designed to be shallow and to exhibit very low distortion in the critical third harmonic, especially in the critical 1kHz 3kHz region. The benefit on these two features is that a 300Hz horn and compression driver combination can be used in a small space behind the screen, with intelligibility and detail greatly improved.

Should passive filters be required please specify this model as a KX-5812.P. The filters will be fitted internally.


Dimensions Assembled (HxWxD): 1940mm x 690mm x 890mm
Bass Driver: 2 x 15" (380mm) paper cone
High Frequency: 4" compression driver, 90x40 short throw flare and bracket
Crossover Point: 500Hz (use minimum 4th order filter)
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz (-10dB) half space
Tuning Frequency: 41Hz
Input Terminals: 200 amp proprietary terminal posts which will accept up to 6mm cable
Weight (Assembled): 105 kg
Power Handling: Thermal capacity
• HF - 125 watts RMS
• LF - 500 watts RMS
Program power capacity
• HF - 250 watts
• LF - 1000 watts
Axial Sensitivity: 101dB for 1 watt @ 1 metre
Finish: Utility cinema black
Damping Material: Fire rated polyester fibre