Krix KX5930 Cinema Stage 3 Way Screen Speaker


The KX-5930 is one of a family of new generation 3-way systems which are designed for the cinema complex of the 21st century, offering a significant improvement in audio quality compared to the best 2-way designs. To put this in broad technical terms, it is a requirement for these systems to perform best with stadium seating, whilst maintaining a shallow profile on the complete assembly so that wasted space behind the screen is minimized.

To achieve a lower distortion figure and flatter frequency response in the mid and high frequencies, the correct loading and pattern control had to be engineered. Using new sophisticated loudspeaker modeling techniques, along with more than 23 years experience gained from a long and successful association with the cinema industry, Krix has gained the reputation as an innovator. The Krix new generation 3-way designs are the correct solution for this type of advanced speaker system.

  • 3-way array for maximum output, optimal coverage & minimum distortion
  • 2-way operation (passive filter between Mid & HF). Compatible w/ industry standard 500Hz 4th order Linkwitz Riley Active Filters
  • True horn loaded midrange & high frequency
  • Well defined constant coverage w/ a smooth transition from LF to Mid & HF
  • Shallow profile to minimize space lost behind the screen
  • Pre-equalized to the ISO2969 house curve to minimize set-up time
  • Flat front profile for easy baffle wall installation


Dimensions Assembled (HxWxD): 2435mm x 665mm x 485mm
Bass Driver: 2 x 15" (380mm) paper cone
Midrange Driver: 2 x 6½" (165mm) aerogel & paper cone, 90x40 constant directivity horn
High Frequency: 1 5/8" voice coil compression driver, 90x40 short throw flare
Crossover Point: 500Hz active
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 14kHz (equalised flat 3dB) free space
Tuning Frequency: 41Hz
Input Terminals: 200 amp proprietary terminal posts which will accept up to 6mm cable
Weight (Assembled): 117 kg
Power Handling: Thermal capacity
• MID/HF - 100 watts RMS
• LF - 500 watts RMS
Program power capacity
• MID/HF - 200 watts
• LF - 1000 watts
Axial Sensitivity: • MID/HF - 97dB for 1 watt @ 1 metre
• LF - 101dB for 1 watt @ 1 metre
Finish: Utility cinema black
Damping Material: Fire rated polyester fibre