Krix KX5976 Cinema Stage 4 Way Screen Speaker


The KX-5976 is one of a family of ultra high end, state of the art new generation 4-way loudspeakers for cinemas of the 21st century. Advantages of adding an Ultra High Frequency Element to our existing 3-way design are, extended and flatter frequency response from 7.5kHz to 20kHz and at the same time significantly reducing distortion. As well as being a significant improvement in audio quality with even smoother and sweeter highs, the UHF element has an added advantage of improving pattern control beyond 10kHz, which in 2 and 3-way designs can become erratic.

The right directivity pattern is critical to ensure every seat is a good seat, and the KX-5976 ensures significant improvements so that there is less variation with frequency than ever before. True horn loading of acoustic transducers is essential for pattern control, and a major step forward has been the development of a new throat configuration that assisted in improved pattern control and improved frequency response and reduced distortion. Krix chose direct radiating vented enclosures over other technologies because it delivers the radiation pattern required, with flatter frequency response and with lower distortion.

Great care has been taken in the design and manufacture of the passive filter network, an important component, which is often overlooked because it is not visible. The filter network is responsible for the integration of the whole array and has many tasks such as providing the correct crossover points with the appropriate phase responses for each section, high order slopes for minimal vertical off-axis disturbance, and to equalize the whole array for simplified auditorium equalization.

  • 4 way array for maximum output, optimal coverage & minimum distortion
  • Extended & smoother frequency response & more precise pattern control in all elements of the loudspeaker system
  • Bi-amped operation w/ passive filter combining MF/HF/UHF, compatible w/ industry standard 500Hz 4th order Linkwitz Riley
  • Active filter parameters are available for tri-amped & fully active system operation
  • True horn loaded midrange, high & ultra high frequency
  • Well defined & precise constant coverage control
  • Flat front profile for use w/ infinite baffle applications
  • Coverage pattern has a smooth transition from LF to MF/HF/UHF array
  • Maximum system depth is 500mm


Dimensions Assembled (HxWxD): 2465mm x 1050mm x 500mm
Bass Driver: 4 x 15" (380mm) paper cone
Midrange Driver: 1 x 6½" (165mm) aerogel & paper cone, constant directivity horn
High Frequency: 4" voice coil compression driver, 90x40 short throw flare
Ultra High Frequency: 1 5/8" voice coil compression driver, 90x40 short throw flare
Crossover Point: 500Hz active (useable 312Hz to 800Hz)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 15kHz (pre-equalised to ISO2969 house curve 3dB) free space
Tuning Frequency: 41Hz
Input Terminals: 200 amp proprietary terminal posts which will accept up to 6mm cable
Weight (Assembled): 173 kg
Power Handling: Thermal capacity
• MID/HF/UHF - 125 watts RMS
• LF - 1000 watts RMS
Program power capacity
• MID/HF/UHF - 250 watts
• LF - 2000 watts
Axial Sensitivity: • MID/HF/UHF - 108dB for 1 watt @ 1 metre
• LF - 102dB for 1 watt @ 1 metre
Finish: Utility cinema black
Damping Material: Fire rated polyester fibre