Krix Phonix Floorstanding Speaker


Phonix is unlike any other speaker. Developed over two years, sound guru Scott Krix took on the challenge to create a tall slim speaker with optimal sound. The unique six driver arrangement has been designed for unprecedented reactive sound. Four custom designed 5 inch bass drivers have speed, clarity and high power handling. The bass response is exceptional. Above the bass drivers, the single mid driver has a special voice coil and aluminium shorting ring to increase driver linearity and control. The tweeter uses a ring radiator design, providing detailed high frequency up to 40kHz to reproduce effects on your Super Audio CD and DVD Audio recordings.

The tweeter is flush mounted below the mid driver, and has a wave guide plug at the centre of the tweeter dome to control dispersion of higher frequencies over a wide area. Hand crafted quality construction with heavy bracing reduces panel resonance. Carpet spikes are provided to prohibit movement and avoid the loss of sound energy through fl oors. Four gold plated binding posts permit bi-wiring. Your choice of finish is available in Black Ash, Atlantic Jarrah or Beech wood veneers, with custom timber veneer or lacquered colour available by request. Phonix meets the challenge... experience high energy sound.


Frequency Range: 30Hz - 40kHz in room response
Power Handling: Maximum 200 watts RMS amplifier power
Sensitivity: 90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Configuration: 6 driver 3-way bi-wirable/bi-ampable
Bass Drivers: • 4 x nominal 5" (130mm) coated paper cones
• 1" (26mm) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former provides good linearity & driver control at large cone excursion
Midrange Driver: • 1 x nominal 5" (130mm) coated paper cone
• 1" (26mm) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, using aluminium shorting ring & oversized magnet for lower distortion
Tweeter: • 1" (26mm) dual concentric diaphragm w/ wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity
• Non-reflective dual chambered magnet structure to lower distortion
Crossover Point: 200 Hz & 2.5 kHz
Impedance: Nominally 4 ohms
Enclosure Type: Dual chambers Sealed midrange chamber w/ bass reflex main chamber, rear vented
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1065mm x 230mm x 430mm
Material: 19mm MDF enclosure, heavily braced, w/ 25mm MDF front baffle
Finish: Lacquered timber veneer
Volume: 68 litres internal
Weight: 31kg