Seismix 3 MK2

Krix Seismix 3 MK2 Subwoofer

The Seismix 3 active subwoofer is a compact design and is very room friendly regarding placement. Seismix 3 has a 200 watt amplifier with adjustable volume and low pass controls on the rear panel. The front firing 250mm bass driver was designed with an emphasis on musicality and true low frequency performance. Enhance your movie experience with Seismix 3 deep bass.

  • 200 watt amplifier with clipping protection
  • Line level input connection
  • Electronic filtering
    • high pass line level output
    • adjustable 2nd order low pass from 22Hz to 120Hz
  • Levels of protection
    • mains fuse
    • power supply fuses for internal power amplifier


Frequency Range: 22 Hz - 120 Hz (-6dB) in room response
Bass Driver: Nominal 10" diameter paper cone driver developed for high level, low frequency reinforcement
Amplifier Power: 200 watts program into the nominal 4 ohm driver
Amplifier S/N Ratio: >75 dB
Distortion - Input to Speaker: <0.1% - @ 80 watts RMS
Line Level Inputs: Left Input (mono)
• Lo 900mV RMS for maximum output
• Hi 100mV RMS
Left + Right Input (stereo)
• Lo 450mV RMS for maximum output
• Hi 50mV RMS
Output: 120dB maximum SPL in room response
Auto Power On/Off: 15 minute delay before turn-off after no input signal
Phase Select: 0 or 180 (relative to input signal)
Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented
Dimensions (HxWxD): 415mm x 360mm x 390mm
Material: 17mm MDF
Finish: Vinyl or laquered timber veneer
Weight: 18kg